Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hibiscus Bento

I was not quite sure how to fill this lacquer bento box that I got for Christmas. I figured it would look good with my sushi that I make. The last time we had that was after a beach run and they just wanted to eat so I served my family first then had mine later and no time to look nice. I did serve it on sushi plates though. It's about time that I used it and I had a little more time to play with it. So here it is. Although hibiscus are edible, I didn't eat this one. Each hibiscus bloom lasts only one day, so I figured it would be okay to use it for the photo...
... and I wasn't quite sure what to do with the little tray in the center. I guess a dipping sauce, which is fine if you are eating it at home like I did.

The top left corner: chickpea tart with shallots and herbs, tamagoyak with fresh spinach.
Top right: sugar snap peas (they've been so good and sweet lately-perfect snack) steamed rice with furikake.
bottom left: lychees, green grapes and cherries.
bottom right: cucumbers, crab stick with baby cukes nori wrapped.
So I would love your help! If you have any ideas of how to fill this bento and would like to share!

Here is another blossom that has a short life. My San Pedro cactus blooms during the summer. The blossom only appears at night for one night. The blooms are large, about the size of my hand when I spread all my fingers out!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Pretty! I love the way the compartments look.



  2. WOW! Lindsey this is perfect bento. Thumbs UP!!

  3. Both the bento and the box are cool :D. Wow, I just learned that actually hibiscus is edible hehehe :D

  4. Pretty red bento box! Hibiscus is very special touch for this bento picture :)

  5. Bo - thanks a lot! I'm still waiting to see you bento! :D

    Rosa - thanks you, it was a challenge for me!

    Ann - thank you

    Tata - thanks, glad I could help, hehe! They use the dried blossoms to make tea.

    Lia - thank you!

  6. I have never heard of Bento Boxes before? They look great!

  7. Great Bento. Lovely touch on the Hibiscus flower.

  8. This is so lovely, Lyndsey!! Amazing and the flavors, arrangements and dazzling hibiscus bloom. You are finding your bento wings--brava! Love the exotic and tropical lilt of your bentos!

  9. Beautiful Bento Lyndsey! The Hibiscus adds a very nice touch. I didn't know they were edible - I can't believe I've lived in Florida my entire life and didn't know!

  10. What a beautiful lunch! I love the hibiscus bloom. These Bento boxes are such a lovely way to serve food aren't they?

  11. Love the box, contents & hibiscus! You could also use the middle tier for pickled ginger or a sweet; doesn't have to be sauce!

  12. Mel - Thanks, I hope you enjoyed it.

    Madin - thank you!

    Jenn - thanks again. That is such a compliment coming from you!

    Martha - thanks! It's not they they serve them in salads like the pretty dainty flowers. Usually dried for a drink.

    Mother Rimmy - It does make eating lunch a little special!

    gnoegnoe - Thanks! I love all the great tips from my fellow bentors :)

  13. Lyndsey...your bento looks good..yum yumm and I love that lacquer bento box with so many compartment :) I am looking for wooden bento box :) If you can't get the sandwich sealer, let me know. Just email me your address and I can send you one :)

    here is my email


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