Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dukkah Crusted Salmon Bento ~

I grabbed a shot of my Bird of Paradise and the sun was already setting when I noticed it. I wanted to get a picture before the freeze if we should get it. The colors were so vibrant, and I got it in the bloom before it had some of the die offs. I love how it has the purple which looks brighter in person.

I just popped in to let you know that I am still here. I've have been posting more on my recipe blog, but my heart is here on my bento blog. For those of you who read both I hope you don't mind if you see a few repeat photos.

A little while back I posted my Dukkah Crusted Salmon and it was quite a large piece of salmon. For bento makers this is okay because you can always use it in a bento for lunch. I make my own dukkah and it makes a lot so I keep it in the freezer and just pull it out when I want to use it. It is great with some crusty bread dipped in a good olive oil, or toss it on top of a salad. It works wonderful with chicken too you can check out my chicken breast with goat cheese and dukkah.

The left over salmon was what I used for this bento.

I have here broccoli, apple half, star fruit (which is so nice for bentos) I loved this one the flavor was so good. In the pink flower cup I have a handful of umbrella cookies from the Asian store, I love these because they are not very sweet.

The salmon and grape tomatoes are sitting on a watercress salad ! In the side dish I have My mom's rice pilaf . I didn't realize I had used so many recipes that I've already posted. Well that makes it easy if you want to make it yourself!

We've had some very clear days this winter, which I guess we usually do. The summer is when all that warm air builds up the clouds that come across the land and afternoon showers come falling down. Not now though...crystal blue skies, over white sand beach, what could be better? Crescent beach is the closest beach to our house, about 5 minutes away. We really should ride our bikes there.

For some reason this time of year is when we can find the sea urchins washed up on shore. Then I need a bag to carry these. They are not alive, the ones that I take home.

My mom's rice pilaf has sliced almonds and rosemary, vermicelli and broth make it oh so nice, perfect for company, and great for leftovers!

There were a lot of sponges and little conch shells on the beach too that day, but I didn't take any conch since they were still alive.

I thought the seahorse pick would work well here, it came with a coral, and shell'll see those another time. Actually they are corn cob picks, or holders.

Last year I made this "jellyfish" from a sea urchin shell, I've made many into sea urchin shell snowmen.

I've added a photo of my sea urchin "snowman"

Shell angels I make from the scallop shells that I collect throughout the year...I have many of those too.

Another sea urchin shell, but not from around here. I picked this up at The Green Turtle, it was so pretty and pink!
The shells are so pretty when the lights shine through all the little dots and designs that nature gave it.

I hope to be around more often or you can see what I've been up to on my other blogs!

See you soon!