Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick Summer Bento -

Not much bento making this summer

I have been trying to get things done around the house, and on my three blogs. I am using some Lock N Lock containers for this bento I also ordered some lunch box bentos and sent some to my niece for her wedding.

In the two left sections I have some sushi rice with shiitake mushrooms, wasabi, pickled ginger and black sesame seeds to top. The right top section strips of blanched snow peas, carrots, strips of Japanese omelet, crab stick, sauteed mushrooms.
Some black sweet cherries in the bottom right.

Simple and quick for summer...hopefully more to come when I get back to work when schools starts back up.

But before summer is over when did some sightseeing again in our own city...

Got some photos lounging at the Ca de Zan, and many more among the beautiful grounds.

wouldn't this would be great for entertaining? and it's right on the water.

I'll have to check what kind of tree this is, many blossom still on the tree as well as the ground.

I can't resist looking up at tall palms and snap a picture!

Speaking of we were walking to the rose garden we heard a crack and boom, this branch fell near us just as we were walking was a large branch...

only a few roses in this time of year, many were on the tail end until the next bloom for the cooler months.

In my back yard I've been watching my ginger blossom, these little flowers work their way up, kinda like a pineapple blossoms.

and a few mangoes picked at the same time off the same tree (we only have one mango tree).

and a new daily visitor to our house, Talon is a little more of a climber. He was sitting on the windowsill just watching as I was washing dishes. He peaked around the corner, but would sit for a pose.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Snack Bento

We were going up to Palma Sola to jet ski, so many places have been closed off due to the high rent areas want the water view to themselves. Money talks I guess. Anyway it's kinda fun up there because they will still allow horses on the beach there and many will bring their horse on a Sunday afternoon and have fun with the family.

We bring the pop-up so we can have shade, which we use year round here in Florida. I think I set a phobia in my daughter's head about staying out of the sun...hey she will thank me years from now when her skin is still so beautiful and cancer free.

I didn't get many pics of the horses most of them were on the other side of the causeway. That is where our friend went with her horses. My camera was acting up :(

Here is a snack bento that I brought along, some California rolls with brown rice, broccoli rabe, carrots, rotisserie chicken. Nothing special just a quick snack.,and I had another one with some sesame snacks, cheddar, poppy seed, and garlic onion. I used my new Lock and Lock lunch box. I am almost getting as obsessed with Lock N Lock as Not Exactly Bento is...almost, but she has been collecting longer.

Just a few things to share from my yard, my turmeric is popping up nicely...I have some in a pot too that is bigger.

my pineapple has just seemed to stall, maybe it's too dry or too wet for it...

... this ginger in the backyard that I don't harvest... I let go to flower...

...these Lilly flowers smell so strong you wouldn't think they would...I'll have to find out what kind they are.

Have a great day! Thanks for sticking with me.