Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Snack Bento

Hi all my bento friends out there, how have you all been? It's a busy week at school last week due to the FCAT testing, that's The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, and is administered to students in grades 3 - 11. Although I am not in the classroom anymore and working in the clinic I get a chance to see what nerves and working too hard can do to these grade schoolers. Anyway I really needed to relax this weekend and get ready for two more days of testing for the 5th graders. This year Our Spring Break was so early and testing is later than it has always been. I think as far as sickness, colds and allergies the later testing is better, but you still have kids coming in to school sick so they won't miss it....please stay home and take the make up test!!!

I finally used my new adorable bento box that my sister gave me for Christmas. Of course I got it in February because that's when she come down to Florida to visit. I love it, and I can't wait to use the fish onigiri mold. I also can't wait to get a new camera...I really want two. But bills have to be paid first.

The tier on the left I have some crispy curry tofu, some mini almonds, marbled cheese, grape tomatoes, cauliflower all on a bed of kale. I have some asparagus spears tucked in on the left but you can't see them. The little candy in the first pic is from my friend who brought a bag of little candy bars from South Africa.
The top tier: the last of some of this season's Florida orange slices green grapes with some of the pick my sister gave me, baby bella mushrooms, and oatmeal bread cut in a flower with cream cheese and peperoni spread with a chipotle rubbed, boiled lotus root on top.
I could not get this camera to focus on the baby pineapple. I wanted to show you how it has tiny purple flowers that start to bloom at the bottom and later near the top. ..
My camera is now really acting up, because I used to be able to focus pretty close... There is also a catch in the aperture, but I hope you get an idea of what it looks like.
My husband rode his motorcycle to Ft Lauderdale to a jet ski race to promote his new business that he just started last week. So Maranda and I decided to walk the beach early...we grabbed our coffee and flip flops sunroof open and headed out to Siesta Key...
We had our coffee and so did this guy...

We usually avoid going to the beach until after Easter when most of the snow-birds and tourist leave us, and we can have our beach back, and things get back to normal.
It is still a little early to see any turtles nests, nesting season is May 1, through Oct 4. We were thinking of volunteering to join the daily patrols during nesting season to help monitor the eggs and hatching of the baby turtles. Here on Turtle Beach you'll find many nests.
We were there early enough so the beach was still empty, and the waves were peaceful just to be there and listen...
The crystal clear blues skies really helped to show off the blue water, then we came home to walk the dog and sit by the pool and enjoy our snack bento....

Ready for the week?