Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fresh Bento

Well I can't believe I've made bentos all winter and didn't post one. That's what happens when you get up early before anyone else is up, and make lunches in the not totally dark I do turn some lights on, but not many. I make my coffee, just one cup at a time with some organic blend that is bold enough for one cup a day. Then I start on the lunches, sometimes my daughter will let me use the Hello Kitty bento for her but she won't let me do anything too know how it is at her age. Anyway photographing food before the sun comes up is not easy and then there is the time restraint. If we are not running behind I will start making breakfast, then it is my turn in the bathroom.

So often we will enjoy our bentos at poolside on the weekend where we can relax and enjoy the. That is if we aren't trying new regional cuisines that we've come across.

In this bento I've used some leftover squash, local orange slices, grape tomatoes, marinated green beans, little Mediterranean chicken patties with feta and 7 spice, carrots, and shallots
and a touch of arugula.

So I am back sharing my day...

...from early morning...

to late evening...

I plan to be back with you all soon!