Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bento for The Ringling Museum Grounds!

I haven't been on the computer much the past weekend, and my husband has Mondays off, so we like to spend some time together. So I am so behind on my posts and blog reading, so here a a quick one.
The other day my daughter and I went to the Ringling Museum to enjoy the grounds. This was easy to bring along.

The sandwich is rotisserie chicken, homemade hummus, lettuce. Organic orange carrots, avocado slices (which I put on the sandwich) a plum and some tabouleh in the pink flower silicone cup. All in a bed of romaine lettuce that I used to eat the tabouleh.
I made some tabouleh and hummus and have been using it on sandwiches as well as eating in with the Olga's bread I made and lettuce. My husband likes pretty much everything that I make, but he doesn't like cucumbers and I added cucumbers (a small amount diced really small) to the tabouleh. All he could taste was the cukes and he didn't like it. So it's going on everything of mine now! Ha!

The Ca da Zan in John ans Mable Ringling's house and is on the bay front on the museum grounds. I have a few more photos on my Aqua Sunday blog. I love the architecture of this huge mansion. I have so many picture because I can't resist to taking photos here.
I have entered this photo with Window Views...and Doors too there are so many more windows and doors to capture here!
There are so many statues all over the grounds.

This time of year Mable's Garden is in full bloom!

I've always liked yellow roses. There were so many. I'll show more later.

Some more of the statues...

I always seem to get feet photos.

This is another one I can't resist taking a photo of, I've posted a different photo I've taken before on Aqua Sunday. It is so interesting how this one has been surrounded by a strangler fig (banyon tree).
I guess it wasn't that "quick" of a post!


  1. Wow, that statue being swallowed up by the banyan tree is amazing! What a cool photo.

    Love the bento and tabbouleh. I haven't made it in a while. Our weather has been unseasonably cool, so I think I'll wait until it warms up.

  2. The food looks delicious and the photos are beautiful! What a nice outing!

  3. The bento with the tabbouleh and hummus looks great. Lovely photos too.

  4. Amazing hummus sammie--I'll have one, please, and gorgeous rose photos, a beautiful visit indeed!

  5. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing ... Bento looks so delicious for outing :)

  6. A yummy bento and a beautiful place!



  7. Hey is that you in the photo above? You are so pretty! That sandwich looks scrumptious! Home-made hummus, I'm so impressed. Wow! Loved where you went as well. Beautiful grounds.. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog post. It just encourages and uplifts my spirits to read them!

  8. Sonoma Bento - Thanks! Hope your weather warms up! We're trying to squeeze everything in before summer is over!

    Tracey - thanks, so nice of you to say!

    Madin - thanks they both stay on my list to make again and again!

    Jenn - thanks, I did think of you when I was taking the rose photos!

    Lia - thank you, they are so fun to bring along!

    Rosa - that is so nice of you to say, I've seen all your beautiful photos!

    Chantale - thanks you are so sweet! That is my daughter in the photo. Everyone tells her she should model - she's all legs! Not me! hehe! We love going to the Ringling Museum grounds, and I showed just a fraction of the photos.

  9. Beautiful flowers and statues.

  10. It's simple yet sounds yummy Lyndsey :D. Wow, seems you got a great time with your daughter. Thanks for sharing us those lovely photos. Love love love the roses a lot :D

  11. What a lovely place to visit - and your lunch looked yummy, too !

  12. Yummy bento! I'm overdue for a trip to Ringling - overdue for everything Sarasota has to offer!

  13. lazyclick, thank you, there were so many beautiful flowers.

    Ta, thanks, I'm glad you could visit!

    Lynda, thank you, we both seem to enjoy the beauty around us!

    Marths, yes you need to come north a little ways!


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