Sunday, August 1, 2010

Curly Carrot Bento

I never know what to call my bentos, the carrot curls were added last for the final touch because I needed more color. Then it sort of took front and center, so curly carrot bento it is. The carrot was the first thing that Maranda went for!

While I was reading Sherimiya's blog I got some ideas. Of course that's what we love about reading other's great bento blogs is great ideas. Thanks Sheri, she was talking about different rice and making your own blend here on Happy Little Bento. I already had some black rice, but then kept an eye out for more. I was able to find some red, and purple, and I have some Organic Bamboo Rice on order (I've been looking for that for sometime now) it was priced reasonable and they offered free shipping! So here is what I did...

I used 1 part - red rice, 1 part - black rice, 1 part - brown rice, 1 part - red quinoa.

I heated a touch of butter, then sauteed the mix with some rosemary and a few favorite herbs, then I added some broken vermicelli and sliced almonds. About 2 1/4 cups of broth added and bring to a boil, then simmer with the lid until liquid is absorbed and rice is tender. About 25-30 minutes.
On top of the mixed rice "pilaf" is some leftover panini sliced, provolone cheese flowers, stacked and a orange pick in that! In the pink cup is some Caribbean Roast Pork, and the carrot curls. In the yellow cup we have some sliced kiwi, and a few carrot shavings. A little chicky sauce bottle (from a good friend thank you J) tucked in with the steamed edamame!

On Thursday we went to Coquia Beach on Longboat Key to meet my aunt and Uncle. It was steamy in the sun, but in the shade with the sea breeze it was comfortable. Mr Gull here chillin' in the shade.
Bentos always seem to keep you cool!

On Wednesday the sky turned the strangest color yellow. It was late afternoon or early evening.
I had to get a few photos of it here are just a few. They even mentioned it on the local news. We never did get any rain from least at my house.
The yellow sky made my pool look was so strange. This looks like and old photo that has discolored.

I just loaded a bunch of photos off from my camera! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. That sky is a wierd color.

  2. Nice shots in this article and previous. You live in a nice area!

    I also never know what to call my bentos and may start numbering them. LOL!

    I love the carrot curls and I must give them a try myself.

  3. Bo - I know it was so weird I couldn't stop looking at it!

    Debra - Thanks! I almost started numbering my bentos too! Lol!

  4. Pretty! Love your curly carrot ... With my limitation in English, I found more convenience for me to just numbering it. I think I will need more time to name my bento than the bento making itself hahaha :D

  5. I love that rice combination! Nice bento! Where are you located? That sky photo is amazing..

  6. Lia, thank you. I thought of numbering them too. You do so well with your English, I'm so impressed!

    Chantale, thanks! We live in Sarasota, Florida.

  7. Love these happy colors and elegant arrangements... curly carrot is great! The pilaf recipe with its variety of colors, textures and subtle seasoning must have been delish--as always I get inspired by your flavor combinations and far-ranging culinary sensibility, Lyndsey! (The golden flag pick is so cheerful--love it!)

  8. You could call this one Carrot Top! :-) Love the carrot curl, it gives nice structure to the bento. I have tried different rice blends too, for color and nutrition.

    Creepy sky color, it looks like hurricane weather.... eeep!

  9. Oh yeah, I did read this one! I LOVE the purple color of your rice mix! How beautiful, and thanks for the shoutout!
    The carrot curl caught my eye first. I never think of using regular carrots; I always reach for the mini ones. Ha!
    Super bento and pretty pics of your lovely state :)

  10. The food looks sooo good. I love the way gulls like to sit on posts. :)

  11. Love the carrot curl! Such fresh, tasty looking food!

  12. Also, love that cool Mr. Gull!

  13. Definitely a curly carrot bento! I sometimes find it hard to think of a name too, but I don't mind too much ;)

    Gorgeous bento again, lovely fresh colours and cute birdie!

  14. I want to come to your house, and swim in your pool and enjoy some bento............can I?


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