Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fun Shapes ~Bento~

I found some templates that you use with a fancy cutter, they were on Clarence so I thought I could use them for a bento. It is made out of a very thick plastic so I think it will work well. I let Maranda choose the shape. Sure she wanted the spiral-curly-Q! My first attempt so it's a little messy. I first tried to cut the lunch meat with a tiny paring knife I had but it slipped too easy, so then I use a toothpick. The smaller hearts were on the same stencil. The Havarti cheese wasn't the best choice as it has little holes in it and makes it a little sloppy looking!
A very simple bento:
The right side: Bamboo Jade rice, lunch meat shapes - Havarti cheese heart with a tiny nori punched out heart.
The left side: diced tomatoes and cheese in the yellow silicone flower cup, basil tucked in around it. Sliced orange sweet peppers on a fun, blue, square, spiral pick. Sliced kiwi. I also had some olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the tomato-mozzarella-basil, it didn't make it in the photo!

Just a few yard pictures!
My pineapple is in a pot, they will fruit quicker than when planted in the ground.

Pink plumeria

Yellow plumeria

Pink bougainvillea with a butterfly.

Our friend Neji!

Red passion flower! Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. It will be so much fun to eat the homegrown pineapple, I'm sure. The red passion flower is a beauty!

  2. Happy Wednesday Lyndsey! I love the fun shapes, and your cute pick matches. Gorgeous garden photos! I love plumeria flowers.

  3. Looks like you have gotten more rain then we have in Miami. Your garden looks great. Nice to see a fellow enthusiast in Florida. I'm in Miami solo.

  4. Awesome fun shapes bento--this concept is so cool! And the magical garden and kitteh-friend pictures made me *smile*! LOVE the portrait of
    Neji and stunning butterfly-pink bougainvillea...looks like paradise!

  5. Pretty with those fun shapes! Love the flower pictures, so vibrant ... Looks like you have a lot of fun with shapes this time for this bento :)

  6. EG - I had one before, they are small but sweet!

    Sonoma - Thanks, I love plumerias too, they are so simple and smell so sweet!

    new2bento - I'm new too, thanks for visiting and it's nice to meet another Florida bento enthusiast! Yes we seem to get those summer afternoon showers often!

    Jenn - thank you for your kind comment! Makes me smile! The shapes were fun, and I have a lot more to play with...but that's why we bento! Neji is sleeping on top of Wade's truck right now, he loves it when he takes his motorcycle to work!

    Lia - Thanks! Yes shapes are one thing that my daughter would accept in her bento...I couldn't slip the cute faces in, but I try!

  7. Cute bento! Love all your beautiful flowers and of course I love the kitty too - I have 4 of my own :-)

  8. Hi Lyndsey, WOW! You got beautiful plants there, and wait a minute a Pineapple? I'm so jealous. I cannot grow anything, believe me I tried to plant some herbs, they just die on me, I don't have green thumbs. Love your friend Neji too.
    I always love your "Bento" boxes.

  9. Lovely bento and you've got a pineapple in the garden, wow!

  10. Your bento look so fresh :D. Wow, you got really nice yard collections hehehe, they remind me of mine :D

  11. I love the bento box world of food! We have a local restaurant that offers a bento-box meal daily for $8.00--quite inexpensive for an expensive restaurant! It includes a small entree, salad, soup and dessert. Just the right size and the wooden box is charming. It's something that I'd like to explore doing at home from time to time.


  12. omg! I LOVE your bentos!!!!! so pretty!!!!!!!

  13. LOL of course Maranda wouldn't let you start of *easy* but chose a spiral for a first!

    *waves to Neji*

  14. My goodness Lyndz, your bento project working well here. Looks like having so much here! Love the photos. Hope you're having a great day.
    Chers, kristy
    p/s you're really something. You actually managed to handle 3 blog site at the same time!

  15. That bento box looks soo good especially with the shapes!

  16. That bento box looks so good! Especially with the shapes!


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