Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stromboli Bento - and beach clicks!

For today's bento I used some leftover Stromboli we had the night before. I made the dough in the bread machine on the dough cycle while we were at the beach run. When I came home it was ready and very easy to work with and turned out great. We each made our own version of what we wanted in our stromboli. I usually have chicken, spinach, cheese.

This one was peperoni, spinach, cheese. I put some marinara sauce in a recylcled container. The top layer is some Florida white sweetcorn, sliced plumbs, in the pink flower cup is My Grandma's Granola that my daughter made this time, carrot-edamame on a white heart pick. The pink flowers are purslane and the others are some of my rosemary flowers.

While we were at the beach I did bring my camera this week. I had stopped to get a photo of these beach toys because the were so colorful. Funny they came back to pack up while I was taking the picture. Ha! They were so nice...

and she stepped away to get another click! They were watching the sky, and he said you should be getting a good rain shot before too long!

I was trying to get some colorful clicks...the runners wouldn't stay still, but it was funny how they would run in clumps of colors!

He has a birds eye view!

Here is comes...typical afternoon early evening weather in the summer for Florida's Gulf coast. And still no oil!
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  1. I love the purslane flowers! I use purslane leaves sometimes in spring rolls. They have a nice crunch and green flavor. I didn't know about their beautiful flowers! I love the pic of the people running on the beach. Too bad you couldn't get the storm cloud behind them, then it would look like they were running from the weather. :) Yummy bento Lyndsey!

  2. Great beach photos! I'm glad no oil has reached your coast.

  3. Love, love the floral/herbal accents Lyndsey--lovely grace notes to this yummy looking bento! Stromboli, great bento idea! Pretty summery produce and a curly carrot garnish, yay!

    Ah, the beach and sky looks beautiful!

  4. Everything looks lovely! What a fun day at the beach! Have a great weekend Lyndsey!

  5. Lovely bento! Thanks for taking me to the beach!

  6. Sonoma Bento - Yes the clouds came in just after the runners were finished.

    EG - thanks, just glad I had my camera. So lucky no oil.

    Jenn, thank you that's so nice. I love using my fresh herbs from the garden! You gotta love that splash of carrot curl color! ;)

    Sherimiya - thank you so much, you have a great weekend too!

    Debra - Thanks, that means a lot! Glad you enjoyed the beach...I can't help myself from taking photos every time I go.

  7. The recipe sounds really tasty and I really enjoyed the pictures of the beach as well.

  8. I guess I really am behind - great bento and love the one with the curly carrots in the previous post too. Great beach shots too, especially the one showing that storm moving in!
    Had a great time at our little blogger beach bash last night, it was great to finally meet you! I'll post some photos at Menagerie later today. I got some cute ones :-)

  9. Good luck with this blog. It is delightful. I love all the photos but the bentos are adorable with a little bit of this and that blended to make a well staged and useful photo.

  10. Lovely bright bento! So you *are* still having great photo weather, hehehe ;)

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw your corn cob... it's almost time for them again here in Holland too! YAY!

  11. Stromboli! It's my first time to hear about it. But by reading what you've written, it sounds so great with peperoni, spinach, and cheese. Ehm... I'm a bread lover :D. Oh Lyndsey, your last picture looks so scary for me (have never seen it in my whole life and wish will never ever to have it :D)

  12. Jeff Grant, thanks for visiting!

    Martha, thanks! It was fun meeting you too! Thanks for arranging the blogger beach bash! I posted my photos on The Tiny Skillet.

    Sweet and Savory, thank you, that's nice of you to say. I do try!

    gnoegnoe, yes those afternoon storms still like to roll in. Thanks for your comment!

    Ta, thanks, yes stromboli works well in a bento. You can fill it with most anything and tastes good warm right out of the oven or cold the next day for lunch.
    The storm was so cool to watch roll in like that. You can really see it good from the beach. It did not have any lightning so it was not too scary.

  13. Thanks for playing along on Color Carnival too Lyndsey! :-)

  14. Lyndz, I adored the last photo very much eventhough it looks a little scary! hehe... But excited! Btw, your stromboli bento looks great. Enjoy and have lots of fun here.
    Cheers, kristy


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