Thursday, July 1, 2010

Starting Out With Snack Bentos

I decided to start a new blog devoted to just bentos. I was going to wait until I got my new Bento Cookbook that I won from Lia Chen at Bentolicious her wonderful bento blog! I thought that July 1st would be a good day to start. I will post about the cookbook when I get it any day now! There are some many wonderful bento box bloggers out there who have been so inspiring, and encouraging to me in my bento venture. I will be mentioning many of there blogs as I go. I know I have a lot of work yet on my blog will come. On my food blog The Tiny Skillet I post mostly recipes, many of them would work well in bento lunch boxes. I will post them here as well. So here we go ...I sure hope you enjoy it as much as I have learning all about bento box lunches.
Yes I know this isn't a bento box, but it would be in one if I was going to work. Since I am home for the summer (I work at an elementary school) this was my lunch, and I didn't need to take it anywhere except out to the lani.

Here is another snack bento...with some broccoli, strawberries, cantaloupe, kumquat, watermelon radish, asparagus, and edamame on a bed of spinach leaves. Very healthy, but I sent along some dipping sauces!

I hope you will bear with me as the dust settles and I begin my journey into the world of bento blogging!


  1. Yay, congrats! The food looks so delish and fresh! Yum!

  2. Thank you Susan! That means a lot! You are one that inspires me!

  3. Lovely first post! For some reason, my mango never turns out so pretty.

    I found you off Twitter from Debra, Susan et al. Can't wait to see more posts from you! You're welcome to come link up as well at my blog (Wednesday bento link up), it's just for fun really, but nice to see everyone's different creations. :o)

  4. Congrats on your beautiful new bento blog, Lyndsey! Looks so refreshing and lovely...and I'd like to wish you all creative delight as you explore bento in its diverse and fun dimensions :)

  5. Shannon - thanks for the nice comment and the invite!

    bentobird - thank you, you've been so nice welcoming me into this...bento dimension :D

  6. Yay! Welcome to obsessive bento blog world! :-)


I love my bento friends and I love to hear from you. I appreciate your input, thanks!