Sunday, July 8, 2012

Casual Bento

I usually pack my husband a lunch and sometimes a nice looking bento. Co workers would look at his lunch and wish they had it...said they would eat out next door either if they brought a lunch like that. Well, my husband has opened his own business and told be I didn't have to pack a bento lunch anymore because no one was there to see it...except himself that is.

I do pack his lunch but maybe a little more casual than normal. He also has a fridge and microwave if he needed to use it. A simple bento of a sandwich, fruit and a little greens.

Just trying out my new camera and my zoom lens. I can take a photo of our neighbor's cat who thinks he lives at our house and he doesn't even know it.

We had to trim back our tall night blooming cereus peruvianus after the tropical storm Debby. What a relief getting rid of the two oh-so-tall stalks that were leaning over the driveway.

Shortly after Debby left us we went to Siesta beach to check on how it looked out there...after all these lifeguard stands were all over the weather channel as a video was shown trying to move them to safety.

It looked pretty clear, but amazing to see where the water had been.
It is a large beach, not many around here have such a long distance to walk over the sand to get to the Gulf of Mexico.

It is always a beautiful walk.

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  1. Still a great looking little bento lunch. Your new camera take some nice photos - enjoy :)


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