Saturday, June 30, 2012

Green Mango Bento

After Debby blew through and left plenty of my mangoes on the ground, I decided to collect them rather than have the squirrels have a feast on these delights. On my food blog The Tiny Skillet I asked if anyone had some ideas what to do with the green mangoes. Here is one of the suggestions green mango salad it came out quite tasty and my whole family loved it.
Not only that, it worked out so nice in a bento! Along with the green mango salad I have some ginger, lime shrimp, good fresh raspberries (which is hard to come across here in Florida) and some fish shaped Korean mixed grains onigiri on shiso leaves.

Another recipe I made with the green mangoes are some Indian pickles, that recipe will be coming to The Tiny Skillet soon.

My large prickly pear cactus fell over from the weight and the thoroughly saturated ground from all the rain that Debby brought to us. We were having drought like weather up until now. Usually we just get the afternoon thunder showers...not 3 days and nights straight of a steady rain.
Here is the same cacti from the other side. I had just asked my husband to trim it back the day before because it was leaning and getting so big Now it's all gone the yard men took care of it for us. I saved a few stalks to replant, it will grow from a pad that has fallen on the ground.

We have a fun weekend coming up, with the off shore boat races in town and going to St Pete to a Tampa Bay Rays game. I'll bee back soon, I promise!

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  1. Shame about your cactus. I need to try making some stuff with green mangoes. Glad your back doing the bentos.


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