Thursday, November 18, 2010

Popcorn Bento

You know how I am about naming my lack of a better one...this one's called popcorn! Now this isn't just any popcorn, it's Ladyfinger Popcorn, this is the smallest of the hulless, and I made it stove top. If you want to see how I made it, you can check my food blog The Tiny Skillet where I posted my grandpa's secret to make the most of the kernels pop!

A lovely persimmon takes center stage, with a grape tomato and green grapes gathering close by. Basil flower want in on the fun. Kalua pork is here and there, and showing off my new silicone cups, in green is my orzo pasta salad with spinach and feta, in red is POPCORN :D All on a bed of baby greens!

Just something to wind you down a little...
Enjoy the rest of your week! I hope I can. Tomorrow we are have our annual Tiger Trot fund raiser, at the elementary school I work for. The kids run as many laps as they can. Lots of loud music, running, laughing and scraped knees...that's where I come in!
I will try to remember to take some pictures!


  1. Mmm, popcorn is my weakness. I love it so much! Beautiful persimmon too! Happy weekend, Lyndsey!

  2. Ohhh, this one is so cute and poetic! (Another popcorn fan here--I remeber long ago telling you of my love for Penzy's smoked chipotle pepper and furikake on top, yum!)Basil flowers look stunning and I'd love to try that yummo Kalua pork!

    Thanks for another uplifting post, Lyndsey :D

  3. Thanks Shannon! We buy our popcorn at a local Amish store and they have so manny fun choices of colors and sizes.

    Jenn, ha! you caught my ahhh..."poetic" discription huh? I thought it would be cuter than just listing everything, hehe! I didn't want to cut all my basil flowers, because I like them to go to seeds so I can plant some more! I'll let you know when I post my kalua pork. :D

  4. I love persimmons!!! great bento Lyndsey ^_^
    And seeing your picture is making me so jealous, how I miss sunny and warm weather, while right now it's in the 40's here in the pacific northwest :(

  5. nice looking bento! Today in my organic produce box comes my first persimmon! I'm excited to try it. I've only seen them at the specialty grocery in Anchorage but never tried one.

    what a tiny tomato!

  6. Beautiful colors. Makes the popcorn bento looks appetizing.

  7. I'm also one of the popcorn lover! They look so tempting in your bento!


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