Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bento Gadgets, and Molded Eggs (not moldy) :D

Someone had asked me how my molded eggs turned out. So I thought I would re-post this one from The Tiny Skillet and show you what I did with my bento gadgets that I have. I am going to try out my egg molds! I got a set from Ann at Anncoo Journal and Wendy from Wendolonia. I have already tried and used my picks and rice molds, and they work great and Maranda loves the rice balls anytime, for lunch or snacks!

For the rice balls in this bento I used a rice and grain blend, that I got the idea from sherimiya at Happy Little Bento. She had some red rice and white rice mixed with a few other grains. So when I found some red rice I decided to try it, especially since I've been buying several new rice and grains to try. We had this for dinner and I used the leftover for the rice balls. I really liked it, but Wade thought it needed a little more flavor...okay that's easy enough to do.

Back to the egg mold. One set was all in Japanese and I can't read that yet. The other had instructions in English too. I also checked the great directions that Maki had on her Just Hungry
blog, she also has a Just Bento blog that has a wealth of information if you want to start making bento box lunches.
First thing is to boil and peel the eggs. I hate peeling fresh eggs, they are so hard to peel! Ack!
Then place the warm peeled egg in the mold. (it looks all beat up) I placed it in warm water right before using the mold.

Okay... now I used a large egg in a large mold. I think I need an extra large egg here. These molds should work well for rice balls too, which is what Maranda wanted to use them for. Looks like this one will become egg salad!

The next mold is marked large too...but this was from the other set. A much nicer looking egg.

Close the lid and snap it shut, and put it in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.
Ta-Da!! This one worked! That was fun!

I had these cookie cutters that will also leave and impression. I found that Publix brand wheat bread is soft enough to use for this. Usually you would have to use white bread, so this was nice.

I found this little boiled egg holder. They had a sheep too, but we don't always sit down and eat boiled eggs much so I just got one for photos. It did remind me of my childhood when we use to use egg holders.

Martha from Seaside Simplicity had once said that using ice cube trays are a good way to keep extra lemon, and key lime juice. I ran across these (on clearance of course $2). This will be perfect when our lemon tree has all those lemons I don't want to go to want it to go to waste. Also you won't have this happen to you when you get it mixed up with something else!

Then I picked up these handy storage trays half off at Michael's that work great for my food picks. The other one was for my baran (food dividers).

Best of all it fits perfect in the tiny drawer that I have for my lunch making supplies. I have a few more silicone cups and picks since the photo was taken, but it's nice to have a place to put things.
Ho hum...too much for you?
I think that's enough busy work for for now. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Fabulous bento! A lot of tools. I love your cookie cutter, the imprint is so perfect! Egg mold comes with different shapes and sizes, it gets me a while to memorize the perfect size egg for each mold :) Have a great day Lyn!

  2. I am still so grateful that you posted about egg molds. We love ours. They are so fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I think you rice looks fantastic! Thanks for the mention; it's great that you can find the varies rice and make your own mixes too. It's very gratifying, isn't it? The eggs are cute too.

  4. Lia, Thanks, I always like good tips. I'll have to remember what size works with what eggs.

    Betty Ray, I'm so glad you liked them! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sheri - Thanks, and thanks to you I am checking out all these good rice and grains. My sister is too, and I've given her some organic brown, red, black and bamboo rice for her birthday! Hehe!

  5. The kitty and puppy are so cute! I love seeing everyones animal friends! Great review of the egg molds. I have the star one and have tried large, like the package said, and extra-large eggs but it never seems to work. The eggs just don't fill it up enough. The bunny one looks great!

  6. Love your colorful and healthy rice balls, they look very expertly made and delicate in this bento :)

    Great egg mold demo, you've got me feeling raedy to try mine, Lyndsey! Love those organizers--I found a similar one at Micheal's a few months ago and its so pleasing to have one's bento stuffs easy to access and organized (hehe, I've got some Virgo in my chart, too!)

    Hope you had a really wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, I know the food must have been amazing!!

  7. OhayoBento - Thanks. Good to know on the star egg mold.
    I like seeing everyone's pets too, and their family, and yard, and bento collections, and surroundings...etc...

    bentobird - thank you so much! I like using the different rice and grains and it's good to know they will hold in the mold. I can't wait to see your eggs molded (hehe, not moldy). I have a heart shape too, and I want to see if that will work and cut in half for the bento!

    I like to see how others organize.

    Thanks I had a nice Thanksgiving, and I didn't have to cook. We went to my aunt and uncles and I made the pie! How about you?

  8. Your obento is so lovely! I guess Kyara-ben(do you know what it is??? people make cute shapes or characters with molds and so on.) is really getting popular now. When my daughter starts kindergarten in a few years, I want to make some cute bento like yours! Thanks for showing us.

  9. Your bento box meals make me want to go back to school or to the workplace! I just love the idea.


  10. You have so many fun little gadgets. ;-) I especially love those ice cube trays!

  11. Lyndz, I love the rabbit shape bento mould. So adorable! It might be useful for me cause this year is the year of Rabbit, according to the tradition! haha... I was born in the year of Roaster.

  12. Sweet Snow Flakes: thank you so much!

    From the Kitchen: You can always eat them at home! Thanks!

    Deb: it makes it a little more fun!

    Kristy: Good idea for the year of the rabbit. I was born the year of the rooster too!

  13. I'm new to the whole Bento scene....and I cannot find plastic picks anywhere (except online).....where did you get all your wonder picks? My daughter will eat anything as long as it is served in a cute silicone cup with a pick :) ahhhh....toddlers!
    Thanks so much,


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