Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally A Bento!

Not much new in the bento, but I picked up this cute little pear, so I had to make sure it made it in a bento. I found some silicone scalloped cups in nice bright colors, I used purple for this one.
Look how the pear is half red and half green! A Cesar salad on the bottom and I sent along some dressing and croutons. Almonds and walnuts, grape tomatoes, steamed snow peas, and some crab stick that she can eat in her salad. Yaki soba noodles with dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, tahini, ginger-garlic sauce, and sesame oil topped with black sesame seeds.

I picked up some Durian candy at the Asian market because I have never tried durian before. I have heard plenty about it and really would like to try it. I am one who seems to like strong flavors or different things that many don't care for, like Marmite, Dutch salted licorice, strong Cuban coffee, and all types of blue cheese.

Some of those you either love it or hate it not much in-between. Well when I first opened the bag I was surprised at how bad the smell was even though I knew it smelled bad, but I thought in candy you might not get the bad smell. I did like the taste, and it reminded me of something even though I couldn't tell you what. I did keep tasting it throughout the day though. I would still like to try the real thing!

We've been having such clear dry weather lately, the sunset on Monday night was so peaceful and (they seems so early now). I couldn't get over all the gulls that were there watching it too! :D Every once in awhile we will see this.
Hope to see you soon!


  1. Hahaa Lindsey, you're so brave enough to taste the durian candy. Many westerners hate that smell ;DD
    Anyway nice bento with my favorite color!

  2. Beautiful bento Lyn! You should try the real durian after the candy. It tastes better although smells very strong :)

  3. Anncoo - ha! the smell was a bit strong! :D I do tend to like different things! I love to try new things though.

    Lis - thanks, I do want to try the real durian, so far I've only seen it frozen.

  4. This bento has a really unique style, Lyndsey--fresh and so elegant with wonderful color contrasts! The pear is so pretty! Love the beach scene--instant relaxation, ahhhhhh!

  5. Great bento - cute pear! And I must say... I can handle (even love) all the strong tastes you mention except... durian! Bleeeeeh. Good Luck! ;)

  6. Hi Lindsey ^_^ I love your bento!!! ....
    As for durian, you should try the real one like Lia suggested. Once you passed the smell you'd really enjoy the fruit so much.
    BTW I love the last picture in this post .... amazing view ^_^

  7. I love the cute practical for all uses. Your blog is really beautiful, love the photo on the beach. I live on the beach here, in Palm Beach Florida, and so many times I've spotted a bunch of cute little sandpipers in the daytime, but never at sundown-and I did not have my camera with me to take pics.
    Love the photo, beautifully captured!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog...will be back again, soon!

  8. Gorgeous bento, I love the colors! The only durian I've tried was in a candy as well, it wasn't awful but it wasn't great either. I'd try it again though :) The gulls are so cute watching the sun go down. I need to make it over to the beach!

  9. Jenn - thank you, such nice thoughtful things to say. Another good thing about the beach in the evenings is how relaxing it an instant!

    gnoegnoe - Thanks :-) it is interesting how peoples taste buds work differently though!

    Lina - thank you, yes I would love to try the real thing sometime!

    Elisabeth - thank you for visiting, you should also check out my cooking blog the tiny skillet. I always seem to throw in some beach or sunset pics!

    OhayoBento - thanks, durian candy was interesting. I can't stay away from the beach for very long!

  10. What a colourful bento Lyn! The mini pear is just so perfect size for bento! Agreed with Lia, if you like the durian sweet, then you should try the real fresh durian if you can find one, it taste so much stronger :)

  11. Gorgeous bento Lyndsey! You are awesome and have a strong stomach for eating Durian in any shape or form!!! :)

  12. Lyndz, I should have come here earlier. Oh, you're so daring to try that durian candy! haha.... If you think the candy is strong enough. Guess, most probably you're unable to take the fresh one. The fresh durian is a few times stronger. :o) I supposed you won't even dare to sit with those durian eaters in the same car. You definitely will faint straight away. haha... Btw, do you eat those crab stick straight from the fridge or after steaming? Curious to know! I'll scroll around.


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