Friday, July 1, 2011

Kafta Bento in a Tiffin?

I have been off for the summer until school starts back up in August, I go back to work a week before the kids come back. I can't believe it's already July, and here I thought I'd be posting all my bento lunches. I have taken some pics, but they seem to be nothing new so they never made it up. We are finally getting the rain we needed so desperately. Otherwise we've been so dry our lawn was "crunchy" and this is our rainy season!

The last time I was in Michigan visiting family I picked up the small tiffin box...

... from the same place where I got my Indian spice box...which I absolutely LOVE! (Well I actually did buy my spice box my sister got it there for me for Christmas awhile ago) ... I wonder if you use a tiffin for a bento box is it a bento lunch in a tiffin? I guess if it was warmed and delivered to me it would be a tiffin lunch! :D

The other day I made some Lebanese 7 spice blend and posted it on The Tiny Skillet. The spice smelled so good I had to use it right away so I made kafta, they're like Lebanese lamb meatballs on a stick. They were good hot off the grill, warm and even cold the next day! perfect for a bento!

I have here some fried rice on the bottom, steamed snow peas and carrots, topped with kiwi. The top layer is some nice organic lettuce, cucumber slices, kafta with the yellow spiral skewers, some fresh pita bread, and tzatziki , the cucumber yogurt sauce that tasted so good on the kafta in the red silacone flower cup. All that's missing are the tomatoes. I wish I had some, can't really grow them well here in Florida!

Or maybe it's just me...I can grow a few herbs like the mint in the bento! My rosemary does the best, I also have chives, basil, sage, ginger, and just started to grow turmeric. I'm excited to see how that goes...or "grows"!

Later for dessert we had some Plum-Ginger Granita. It was wonderful...I made sure it had plenty of flavor, yummy! Perfect for summer so refreshing and not too sweet!

Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July!!!


  1. beautiful presentation! looks yummy. :)

  2. Oh, that granita looks perfect on this hot muggy night! A stylish post, love this shiny tiffin bursting with your tropical treats, Lyndsey!

  3. Love your new tiffin box and the food looks really delicious too :)!!

  4. Your tiffin is the cutest one I've ever seen! Now I want one :) The bombo of your kafta and pita, that's so tempting, and the granita too!!

  5. How beautiful this meal looks. It is like a work of art! and so very healthy. Blessings, Catherine

  6. Your bentos are beautiful. wow

  7. Susan, thanks for always coming back! :D

    Jenn, thank you for your kind comments. The tiffin is a lot of fun. More granita to come in this weather!

    CG, thanks, I have to make lots so I have leftovers for the bento.

    Babykins, thanks, I have had by eye on that tiffin for awhile now. I finally had to break down and buy it for myself. ;)

    Catherine, so nice of you to say, thanks.

    melonpan, thanks for visiting here and such a nice comment!

  8. Super-cute! I'm getting someone to get one for me from India.


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