Friday, October 22, 2010

Tropical Bento

I know everyone is into Fall and Halloween right now, but since we don't see any color change in Florida I decided to do what is close to home! I have a lot of shells and flamingos and even some palm trees in my decor. Okay I know, but it is coastal living! Next I am working on incorporating shells into a bento, besides shell pasta!

I found these adorable glass picks at a Florida inspired store. I can find a use for these palm trees and flamingos in many things. Just picture them stuck in some tropical appetizers sitting out on the lanai next to the pool!
Or stuck in an olive or lychee in a martini!

I have snap peas, tiny clementines, starfruit, large grapes, natal plum, and smoked salmon cucumber and goat cheese on whole grain baguette!
Bottom layer is saffron rice, smoked salmon and gouda butterflies, (thank you so much Jenn for the beautiful butterfly cutters) and sugar snap peas.

How about this background?
Just a glimpse, of what my husband picked up this weekend. He can fix most any watercraft. It's in rough shape, but he figured why not? For that price he couldn't pass it up. He is playing redneck with his brother (in the back) and good friend drinking beer in a boat that is now a lawn ornament. No offence to anyone!

I first caught them standing around our friend's vintage Bronco engine with the hood up! I had to laugh, because we would always drive by this house where they were always leaning over the bed of a pick up truck drinking every time we drove by they were out there doing this! I thought it was funny...
Ya'll have a wonderful weekend...ya hear!


  1. Welcome back Lyndsey! Love your tropical flavor; making me miss home. Love the background too, and the butterflies almost look like (manta) rays, don't they? Envy your marine lifestyle girl! Enjoy :o)

  2. Love the starfruit and the butterflies. That is a very cute box.

    Best of luck with the boat. Would love one myself. :)

  3. Sherimiya, thanks, yes they do look like manta rays! We enjoy the water so much! We go out to enjoy it as often as we can! I'll be sure to bring you more!

    Betty Ray, thanks I love starfruit too. We'll see if he can get the boat running (I'm sure he will). He won't let us clean it up until it's running though! :D

  4. Hi Lindsey, I'm really inspired by your lovely creations. Hope I can really find time to do some bento soon :D

  5. The bento is sweet and pretty, it looks too nice to eat! The boat sounds like romantic fun too.

  6. aloha! i wonder what starfruit tastes like...

  7. This is such a lovely 'Florida' bento! The palm tree with the starfruit is so lovely!

  8. I like the tropical feeling of this bento...feel so relax!

  9. I like the green better!

    What a great site!

  10. I love this blog Lyndsey! I looked over some of the previous posts and this is brilliant. What a great idea. You are a real artist. I will be using some of your ideas to make my vegan daughter's lunches. She will love this. Thank you so much.

  11. Love the carambola. My mother-in-law in Marco had a carambola tree in her side yard for years.

    I had to smile at the boat in the back yard. When we lived in the islands, that was a typical scene in many yards. Boats were our cars there and if it needed something....well, it needed it right then.

  12. nncoo - Looking forward to seeing your bentos!

    Autumn Belle @ KDP - Thank you so much! I'm happy that you visited.

    Mr. Pineapple man - starfruit is kind of a sweet-tart taste, not too strong of a flavor.

    Kids Dream Work - thank you

    Zoe - That's what I like relaxing tropical bliss.... :D

    A Year on the Grill - thanks!

    Ward - thanks, I'm glad you like it. Bentos are great for vegan and vegetarian lunches. Hope you get a chance to do one!

    My Carolina Kitchen - Sam I wish we had a carambola tree, we have a mango tree and I have to fight the squirrels for the fruit!

    My husband always has jet skis around in the garage, and we have a kayak out back. He got the boat running now we have to work on cleaning it up. We are late for getting an actual boat everyone else already has you said.

  13. SO beautiful! I am stunned by the butterfly scene you've created with perfect green accents
    --this is really bento art, Lyndsey!! Lighthearted tropical picks are so endearing.

    This bento put a big smile on my face after a long day, thank you!

  14. I'm getting a little tired of seeing all the fall stuff, the tropical bento is adorable and its such a refreshing change. Like adding a bit summer fun into dreary autumn...

  15. Lyndsey look wonderful and nice!! gloria

  16. I would love ti learn how to make bento, it seems fun and tasty too. Thanks for following my kitchen blog, am now following this too (39th).

  17. bentobird - thanks Jenn, your comments always put a smile on my face. Thanks to you for the butterfly cutters, they are so delicate and lovely for a bento. I couldn't resist buy both boxes of the blown glass picks. I love palms and flamingos.

    Indie.tea - thank you, your comment was so nice!

    Gloria - thanks again for visiting!

    clubskulit - thank you too for the comment and follow. The Tiny Skillet is my kitchen/food blog if you want to check that out...there is a link for it at the top right. I have this one just for my bentos.

  18. Wow! So beautiful! I think I would have hard time digging in at first :-) Looks yummy!


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