Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Old Bento #1

I decided to bring over all my old bento lunches that I posted on my food blog The Tiny Skillet.

This is one I posted when I was still toying with the idea of making bentos. I had a lot of color to play with, but no real bento box yet. As you can see it was all fruit and veggie and I sent it along with a wrap for my husbands lunch.

Top row: kumquat, and watermelon radish
next row: strawberries on a wooden skewer
next row: cantaloupe, edamame, quick steamed asparagus, and broccoli
All on a bed of fresh spinach!


  1. I like how you arranged the fruits with the skewer. Colorful bento!

  2. Wish I had various and colorful fruits and veggies just like yours to fill my bento box :D

  3. I love the vibrant colour of this bento! The fruits look so refreshing!

  4. very nice color! reminds me of a summer at the beach! :D


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