Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arepa Riena Pepuada Bento~

I have been busy with family, taking classes and studying to pass this Paraprofessional test that I had to take to keep my job, or at least stay at the school that I now work in which is 3 blocks from my house, and with the economy the way it is I can walk to work and not get much gas in my Honda, but I only fill it up every other week as it is....

Okay enough run on sentences...on one of our ventures my daughter and I went up to Tampa to use her gift card that she got from my sister for Christmas. We don't have an Abercrombie and Fitch here is Sarasota, hence the trip north. I had to check out this spice shop which ended up not being too impressive, but on the way out I spotted the Sanrio store! Yipee! I was thrilled, at least if I drove an hour for Maranda I could maybe find a bento for myself...which will be used for her lunch too, anyway...

This is what I found, a cute hot pink Hello Kitty Bento...
I picked up these beautiful baby blue floral luncheon chopsticks and it came with a carry case too! What fun!

I do want to apologise for my bento. I had special made these mini arepas just for a bento so I wanted to use them and I wasn't happy. I felt like I just threw things together. I also got some cute picks from my sister, so I tried to fit them in too. Here is the balloon picks, I had some grapes with the flower stem picks, but it was too much so I took them out.
On the right under the lotus root I have some tabouleh, strawberry candy. On the bamboo pick from Jenn (thank you very much) red grapes and mini sour oranges we picked from our neighbor's house (with their okay to do so). Then some grape tomatoes, sugar crackers (I just love these) I picked up some more this weekend. Laughing cow wedge and finally my mini arepa riena pepiada (arepa sandwich with chicken and avocado) on top of a baby spring herb salad.

Now I do enjoy those post that others post when they have a failed recipe or something just didn't turn out the way they expected. It shows us what not to do or asks what we can do different. It all a learning thing!
We have been having outstanding weather lately and we still try to squeeze in watching the sunset.

It is more difficult to find a place to park this time of year with all the snow birds, out of state visitors and spring breakers. So if we time it right we are good to go...Or we just wait until they all leave. I had to share a photo of this resident that I just couldn't resist taking a photo of when we pulled up at Turtle Beach. After all he wanted to enjoy seeing the sunset too!

Interesting huh? It takes all kinds.


  1. I totally understand the hectic life of a teacher Lyndsey... You're not alone ;D. So miss you bento posts and WOW! those new stuffs are totally kawaiiiiii *drooling hehehe

  2. Sorry about all the studying and testing you've had to do, but I can totally see why you would! A 3 block commute is very nice these days.

    I like your bento and the mini version of your arepas. The new box is just too cute. And what matters is that it all tasted yummy and I'm sure it did!

  3. Ta - thanks for understanding! I work in an elemntary school as a teacher' aide, and work in the clinic. We have a lot of special needs students that attend our school. I do love my job.

    Betty Ray - well at least it's over now, and I passed the test the first that's a big relief. There are still some aides or "para-professtional" that has to pass it before April.

  4. I'm with Ta, drooling over these super girly, pretty and kawaii new bento stuffs--congrats on these lovely additions to your collection! And I love the tasty assortment you've gathered in it, full of contrasting shapes and textures.

    Talk to you soon, Lyndsey!

  5. Teachers are the hardest workers I have ever met! My husband starting teaching high school 3 years ago and had to go through the Transition to Teaching programs to get his certification (his degrees are in physics, not education). It's a nightmare! I feel your pain, lol!

    I'm sooooo jealous of your HK bento! I went to the Sanrio store in International Plaza but they didn't have any bentos. Looks like I'll be going back! Take care!

  6. Fun and interesting photos! That chopstick set is lovely. I'd like to steal the balloon grape idea, so cute! :)
    I'm very impressed with you trying hard for everything. Hope your work goes so well.

  7. Beautiful Bento!
    I can't believe we are all having to be on pins and needles again wondering if we will have jobs next year or not, and if we do if we'll be lucky enough to stay where we are. And don't even get me started on the possibility of having to pay our own insurance!!

  8. Oh I wish I could learn how to make those pretty attractive bentos that you always prepare. Have a nice weekend!


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